Fonte Mourisca Cured Cheese

Product Description

Cured cheese, semi-soft, dish-shaped, coated with
paraffin, light yellow, with variable weight.

Allergenic Information (DIR 2003/89 / EC)
Contains milk with lactose.
Contains egg protein.

In various forms, without peel, throughout the general population except for person with hypersensitivity to any ingredient substance.
Consume preferably before the month and year mentioned on the product label.
Place at room temperature about 15 minutes before consumption to obtain a creamier texture and enhance flavor.

Pasteurized cow's milk, Salt, Calcium chloride, Animal curd, Egg lysozyme (preservative), Dairy ferments (mesophyll culture).

Conservation and Transport
Keep in a dry, well-ventilated place, free from direct sunlight, suitable for preservation / exhibition / transport of food,
temperature between 0 ° C and 14 ° C.

Food Safety
Inedible shell.
Product controlled by independent laboratory.
All packaging materials used are approved for contact with food by the competent authorities.

- Weight Approximately 1kg

Product Datasheet