Limiano Cheese Ball

Product Description

Cheese cured in ball format, with paste of soft consistency and easy to cut, obtained by desorbing after coagulation of the milk after pasteurized.
Subsequently cut into quarters or halves.
Contains no allergens other than cow's milk. It does not contain substances or derivatives of genetically modified organisms.

Not being suitable for infants is consumed on a regular basis throughout the household and adapted to all types of meals.
Product suitable for lactose intolerant and vegetarians. The bark is not edible.
When heated, frozen or confectioned, no hazards other than those identified in the raw use are developed.
It can be further sliced, grated or used as a raw material for melted cheese.

Pasteurized cow's milk, dairy starters, calcium chloride, microbial rennet, E252 preservative and salt.
On the surface: preservative E235, dyes E127 and E160b.

Storage conditions
Store at a temperature between 4 and 8oC.

Expiration date
180 Days after the date of packaging.

- Approximate weight 1,6kg

Product Datasheet